My Story & My Inspiration

Thursday 13th December 2018. I will never forget this date.

I was in Central London, Aldgate to be precise. I received a phone call from my father in Cyprus. “Your mum, she’s gone back into the hospital,” he said to me. “Right, what’s wrong now” I replied, “She was feeling weak and it’s not looking good” he hesitated.
Later that evening I was streaming Destiny 2 to try to clear my mind of the situation, my father then phoned me at approximately 9:30 pm. I could sense in his voice something wasn’t right, I unsuccessfully tried to change the tone.
“Your mum has died” he cried, head in hands it felt like I was falling from space and anytime soon going to hit smack into the ground.
It has taken me a long time to get over the loss of my mum, my wife and two children have really helped but grieving was not really an option for me.
I have always been intrigued by space. With my parents, we would spend many evenings outside our balcony in Cyprus watching the stars and planes pass us by. I would look at the different colours of the stars and be fascinated by the unknown and what could possibly be out there, this for me was when I was most happy.

SpacebarGamer stemmed from a childhood love of the universe and PC gaming. I remember witnessing the internet the very first time in our house in Edmonton, London. The scratching sound of a 56k modem connecting to UKOnline or AOL was an exciting prospect for me. The sound of my mum shouting “Roberdino (my mum would shout this in her Greek accent), get off, I need to use the phone”, “5 more minutes mum”, I would shout back.

Atari Xegs
Barnyard Blaster
56k Dial up Modem

Following the early years of console gaming in the 80s, the mid to late 90s I started getting an appetite to learn about PCs from my eldest brother, he always had his head cased into a motherboard playing with wires and chipsets.
When I built my first PC before the age of 18 I enjoyed many hours playing Championship Manager (now the Football Manager series) and managing Tottenham Hotspur thinking I’m the new Terry Venables or Brian Clough.
During this phase of my life, I was on the path to being a professional footballer for a well-known team in London. Unfortunately, a serious knee injury had put a stop to that.
Also by the age of 18, I met the love of my life in an East End London nightclub called Benjy’s 2000. To this day we are still together and have two beautiful children.

2018 is when SpacebarGamer was born. In my spare time, I can be found streaming the latest games on the below platforms. Now I have decided to try new avenues of opening an online e-commerce shop, blogging and game reviews on top of my normal streaming activities.

All of this motivated from my childhood love for gaming and space.


Rob – SpacebarGamer