Graphic Design Drawing Tablet? & Gaming.

Today was an absolutely beautiful morning, sunny and crisp that had a feeling of Spring season in the air. However all I could think of was gaming and the purchase of a new gadget (as always).

We went for a lovely walk today down by the River with the family. This gave me some time to think about how I can create uniqueness to my site and brand.

River walk

I have been thinking about buying a graphic design tablet allowing me to create some illustrative gaming designs. I love the cartoon theme and would love to do some designs for you based around gaming characters and get this printed on merchandise and clothing, these would all be part of my “Exclusive Collection”.

Graphic design is something I have always had a great desire to do in a bit more detail. My daughter also really enjoys drawing and colouring things in therefore as a result I can learn from her and she can learn from me! as she is very creative.

Please let me know whether you feel this would be a great idea and something of interest. I am also doing some research on the best tablet or pad. However I lack a bit of knowledge in this area, any help and suggestions would be great. Initially, I am looking to spend up to £100 to get my feet under the table.

Graphic Design Tablet

Now a bit about Gaming.

From a gaming perspective, I have been having an absolute blast recently on Fortnite. I have been lucky that I’ve started building a bit of a community and friendship with other gamers, this has really helped my exposure and increased the fun. I’m still not at the level I would like to be at Fortnite but as I always say “with training the sky’s the limit”. I just wish I could go into a game and get like 15 kills and a Victory Royale on a consistent basis. The speed as well I have seen people build is quicker than the speed my brain operates, either I’m getting slower or the youth is getting quicker.

As a result of enjoying Fortnite so much I have not been able to (yet) get some hours into Apex Legends. I have read a lot online and seen a lot of videos, this game looks really fun and interesting. I’ve managed to get around 3 games in when the title initially released but a good session is due. Let me know if you’ve gotten into the Apex steam train and what your thoughts are about it. Who are your favourite heroes, guns and gadgets to use? I just wished there were more than 24 hours in a day for me to fit everything into.

Anyway was only a brief update, I need to go and cook two meals on a Sunday. Gammon roast with potatoes and a spicy curry for me during the working week.

Hop everyone has a great day.

Rob – SpacebarGamer

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