Blender Animation and weekend with the family

Hello once again everyone.

I wanted to share with you a great new application I discovered called Blender. It’s an open source 3d animation software that allows you to use your imagination to your heart’s content. It has some great shape effects that you can apply, to be honest, it was far too much than what my brain can process but looked great and when something worked it was fulfilling

It can be downloaded from their website, by clicking the logo below.

I spent many hours watching Youtube tutorials on how to use it, but to be honest I didn’t progress any further than I had hoped. I’m looking to do a snazzy way of creating a 3d text animation for my live stream, that points viewers to my website, something you would think should be fairly easy right….. wrong……. I was still struggling. However, I am still planning to learn and use this so I will keep you posted. Any tips or help out there would be greatly appreciated, but if you like 3d animation and want a challenge then go check out Blender.

Weekend Nature Country Walks

This weekend we had a nice family day out to Rushmere Country Park. It’s a great place to discover nature and enjoy outdoor leisure pursuits. One specific thing that attracted us to going here previously, is that they have these little wooden doors attached to the bottom section of some trees. My kids loved this as it helped their imagination, in thinking that fairies lived behind the doors and up in the trees. It created a magical sense of the unknown for them.

I created a personal family VLOG, this includes part of the country walk, so go check it out and let me know what you think about Rushmere Country park, and my VLOG in general. Your feedback means a lot to me.

If you love the outdoors and family walks then check out Rushmere Park, it’s close to Leighton Buzzard. No charge to access the park other than a £3 car park fee that you pay on the way out. What more could a family want ? cheap and accessible.

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